Microbial Investigations

Microbial Investigations

Microbial Testing San DiegoAll microbial investigations are performed by a Certified Microbial Consultant in accordance with ASTM/IICRC S520 “Mold Remediation Standard”, ASTM/IICRC S500 “Standard for Professional Water Damage Restoration”, guidelines of the Indoor Air Quality Association, and Environmental Assessment Association.



  • Bacteria:  Bacteria investigations in indoor environments are conducted when there is suspected exposure to Category 2 grey water or Category 3 black water.  Bacteria evaluation and testing includes:
    • Interview to determine the likely source of the loss
    • Careful on-site visual inspection of the impacted area and surrounding areas to determine the extent of the area impacted by the loss
    • Moisture readings  to determine building materials impacted
    • Infrared camera scan to identify abnormal temperature variations in building materials
    • On-site surface testing for total biological materials utilizing adenosine triphosphate (ATP) testing to determine areas of greatest concern or heaviest contamination
    • Surface samples analyzed by an AIHA accredited laboratory for the presence of bacteria contamination
    • Detailed report with description and photos of impacted areas, sample results and interpretation, and specific recommendations for any remedial action needed.


  • Post-Remediation Investigations & Testing: Once mold or bacteria remediation is complete, it is imperative to retain an unbiased 3rd party to evaluate the areas and ensure there is no further contamination present.  This not only assures the remediation company has completed all necessary remediation and is able to remove their equipment, but also provides peace of mind to the occupants and documentation of the work completed or any future disclosure requirements.  The post-remediation investigation & testing includes:
    • On-site visual inspection of the impacted areas and surrounding areas
    • Moisture readings to ensure all exposed building materials have been returned to normal levels
    • on-site surface testing for total biological materials utilizing adenosine triphosphate (ATP) testing to determine the general effectiveness of the surface cleaning that has been conducted
    • air samples outside of the home (baseline level), in a non-affected area (to ensure there are no concerns for cross-contamination), and air samples within each impacted area
    • detailed report with description of the treatment areas, photos, sample results and interpretation, and clear statement indicating if the remediation is complete or more work is warranted

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